• Nanna Linddal Hansen, editor

HOLM webshop clients Pinoc store & Fabrek & Eté Living

Updated: Mar 23

At Holm we do not only do PR and digital marketing for new and existing clients. On our twin agency HOLM STUDIO website you can read much more about what other services we offer including webshops and website for clients and much more. We have a clear strategy for your webpage and what you wishes for future expression and design. We take you through the entire process and ensure, among other things, good SEO optimization on google.

One of our existing clients we have already had the pleasure of making websites for. Meet our client PINOC which has a physical store in the heart of Denmark of which is Odense City. This is also where the writer Hans Christian Andersen is born.

PINOC has a large and exciting selection of interiors for the home and fashionable clothes for the fashion-loving type. Go hunting in well-known brands such as By Malene Birger, Hvisk, Maanesten, Anna Von Lipa, Nordal, Spektrum and Present time.

HOLM STUDIO created the webshop from idea to total solution so it is clearly marked by PINOCS DNA of which is simple, feminine and comes in nature colors. Discover their beautiful and feminine universe here at PINOC webshop.

PINOC webshop mobile device:

Another sweet client we have is FABREK. They started in April 2019 with a desire and with the philosophy of creating a unique universe, with a focus on the feminine expression. The shop started in a small raw room, which has housed an old blacksmith workshop, in the old area of Hans Christian Andersen's neighborhood in Odense (HC Andersen).

The store's range started with a selection of vintage items, posters, interiors and perpetual eternity bouquets. Today Fabrek sell a wide range of major brands worldwide.

Discover their wonderful universe with a colorful and skewed exterior. Read more and go happy shopping at their webshop www.fabrek.dk

FABREK webshop mobile device:

We have another sweet client of which is ETÉ LIVING.

They welcome you to a world of interior. ETÉ LIVING is a Danish company with an online universe, based on love for fabric and delicate items. Their vision is to create aesthetic design with a feeling of warm and welcoming approach. Carefully they have handpicked a selection of unique fabric and they believe it will bring joy and atmosphere to homes.

With a special attention to materials, craftmanship and long lasting design, ETÉ LIVING presents a collection of pillows that will embrace any home, all with colors and print to mix and match.

ETÈ LIVING webshop mobile device:

Go happy shopping at their webshop ETÉ LIVING if you are curious ...