Holm PR artists lives and breathes for fashion, interior design, photoshoots, locations and creativity. We immerse ourselves completely in each project we take on in order to come up with a total package for you as a client. We will find you the right team for you for your next photoshoot, campaign, packshots, COVER for Magazine. From fashionlover  to interiorlovers, clients come to us in search of something special. We are proud to be a well-renowned agency that connects people and thankful for the opportunities to have worked with such amazing artists since we first opened our doors in January 2011.



We do sponsored content like ads on Facebook and Instagram advertising. Paid advertising helps your content reaching out new audiences and we help all the way.

We do split test campaigns and much more to ensure and achieve the right strategy for your rewarding business. For that, we work closely with Woomio, which is an influencer marketing agency that works with data behind. We always give you media kit and a report from the campaigns and statistics behind that shows all the results in the campaign period.



We do digital PR such as lookbooks, packshots, video content online. We cover day to day small ad hoc tasks. We also cover on-going collaborations with influencers to promote brands. In addition, we also take care of paid SoMe campaigns with influencers, where we develop ideas, concepts and develop it into goals. In addition, we also produce all digital design for your upcoming surfaces on the website, newsletter, SoMe and much more.



We do content creation and provide all image material for all your online channels. We make on-going image material for SoMe and manage to focus on your particular brand and products. For that, we work closely with our amazing and talented photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, and influencers to achieve quality-assured content for all surfaces. We can gather a good team for you to achieve positive results that increase online sales on surfaces as webshop Instagramshopping and Facebookshopping. In addition, your material will be executed in a short time at reasonable prices. And it can be exposed on the web, SoMe, newsletters, promotions and more.