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Holm PR artists lives and breathes for fashion, interior design, photoshoots, locations and creativity. We immerse ourselves completely in each project we take on in order to come up with a total package for you as a client with the right branding strategy. We will find you the right team for you for your next photoshoot, campaign, packshots, cover for Magazine. From fashion lover to interior lovers, clients come to us in search of something special. We are proud to be a well-renowned agency that connects people world wide and we are thankful for the opportunities to have worked with such amazing artists since we first opened our doors in January 2011.



We are constantly looking for new Ambassadors to influencer marketing. We have a good collaboration with WOOMIO which is an influencer database that brings together almost all influencers. WOOMIO works with data and traffic behind and which gives you as a client the opportunity to follow up on all marketing activities through a prepared report that collects all data and results for a given campaign period. Holm PR brainstorm, idea generate, concept developer, find the right target groups, and find with you the right influencers for your campaign online. Most often, we send 30 influencers within selected areas, which you as a client are free to choose to your next campaign.


Holm PR do Facebook and Instagram advertising. We are able to create fanpages and manage your entire digital marketing flow with annual budgets and year wheels. In addition, we segment and target advertising to the right target groups to streamline traffic, sales and conversions to your webshop. Holm PR has the opportunity to create several advertising strategies such as leads ads, ads that provide conversions, ads that increase traffic to your website or to SoMe channels, or whatever you want to achieve, then we can take your wishes and needs as a starting point. The marketing initiatives that we help with and invest in should provide a sensible increase in sales on webshops. We have a strong focus in sales and marketing, to create the right marketing initiatives that increase your growth online on digital platforms.


We plan and execute all your SoMe content on your social media with our Content Planner. We plan content and deliver all image material for all your online surfaces as well as text for each post / post on your SoMe profile. We can raise the level even higher and connect professional Holm PR photographers and videographers to new inspiring content according to your needs and what you want on your SoMe channels. We have good financial package solutions if you as a customer want to go with a team for example within 3 months. Together with you, they can create inspiring content for your SoMe surfaces and raise the levelwith professional and beautiful images.


Holm PR has a strong collaboration with our twin agency which is Holm Studio. Here we design and develop webshops in Shopify operating system, which is a system we clearly recommend, as it is a very secure system and they have a high level of security for the users, which we value incredibly highly. In addition, it is a very user-friendly system, so it is easy to release it to you as a client afterwards, so you have the opportunity to work in Shopify yourself. It gives reassurance to our clients that they know they have that opportunity. We are with you all the way from start to finish, when we start a design branding process in collaboration with the client, we always listen to the clients wishes.


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they are content creators and they do:


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