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This privacy policy covers all trading, interaction or other exchange of personal data with Holm PR. 


The purpose of this privacy policy is to alert you to how our company processes personal data. It is Holm PR´s goal that you are aware of which information is collected, processed and, if possible, how long they are stored.

1. What information do we collect?


Our digital solutions are based on different technologies to ensure usability and security. These technologies can automatically collect data to provide the best possible solution, either directly from us or from a third party on our behalf. Analysis of traffic data and cookies are examples of this.

Every visit to a digital solution means that information is sent from your browser to a server. It is through analysis of this data that we optimize the digital solutions. Data is collected via third parties on our behalf. Data about your computer can be collected for system administration and internal marketing related analysis. This data is statistical information about user behavior in the digital solutions.


Examples of data collected and analyzed:


- Date and time of visit.

- The pages visited in the solution.

- The IP address of the visitor.

- Information about the browser and computer used (type, version, operating system, etc.).

- URL from referral site (the site from which the visitor came to our solution).


We use Google Analytics as a web analytics solution in our digital solutions. In this connection, web analytics data from our digital solutions is sent for analysis in the service provided by Google. Here, Google Analytics acts as a "data processor" of data for which we are responsible, and this data may only be disclosed by agreement or to comply with legal requirements.


You can see more about Google's Privacy Policy here:


Google offers a number of solutions for anonymizing your data and behavior, see more here:


2. Information you provide yourself


In addition to the information that is automatically collected, we also process data that users have actively provided to us.

Examples of data that users actively provide are:


- Use of contact forms on our website.

- Information you share with us via social media.

- Information sent by email.

3. Your rights


When we process your information, you have the following rights:


- On request you can gain insight into what information Holm PR processes about you

- You can request at any time that Holm PR corrects or deletes certain types of information.

- If you do not feel that your information has been processed correctly, you can lodge a complaint with the Data Inspectorate at


3.1 Security: According to the privacy policy, your personal information must be kept securely and confidentially. We store your personal information on restricted access computers located in controlled facilities, and our security measures are regularly monitored to determine whether our user information is being handled properly and while still respecting your rights as a user.


3.2 Contact: If you have any questions about parts of the policy, you are welcome to contact us within normal business hours 09:00-17:00.


3.3 Version: This Privacy Policy was last modified on 01.05-2019




4. Purpose of data collection


The following are examples of the use of the information collected:


- Ensuring usability and security.

- Optimization of our digital solutions.

- Execution of orders in online store, including basket function, payment, check of card information, etc.

- Opportunity to participate in customer surveys, competitions, draws, etc. via digital solutions.

- Archive of registered products and related personal information.

- Managing memberships.

- Order processing and communication related to your order or other inquiries to us.

- Optimized marketing on digital channels pba. data information


If we have your explicit consent, we may contact you via the contact information you have provided for marketing, sales, advertising and analysis purposes, either by postal, digital or telephone.

We can target offers and campaigns for each customer based on behavioral history and demographic data combined with third-party solutions and data.


4.1 Who can access the information?

Your information will be processed by Holm PR employees for the purposes set out in cl. 2 above.


4.2 How long do we keep information about you?

Personal data is deleted or anonymized on an ongoing basis as the purpose for which it was collected ends. Personal data is stored for a maximum of 5 years.

5. Confidentiality / Data Processor Agreement


When you enter into a partnership with us, we already have a confidentiality agreement in place, which will take care of your information when we handle the assignment. We are also happy to send a data processor agreement where we stand as a data processor.



We love to share your creative work in our network and therefore we have made a SoMe Policy. By using our hashtag #yesholmpr, you give the right to promote your beautiful images at Holm PRs social media - of course by credit your name on Instagram, website or other places by agreement. We will not promote your images with hashtag #yesholmpr without any arrangement. 


By using #yesholmpr you give consent to the following: 


  • Holm PR will use images that are tagged #yesholmpr Holm PRs social media platform. The agreement is royalty free, which means that Holm PR can use your image in multiple applications on multiple media platforms without having to pay a royalty for each application. 

  • Holm PR does not have ownership of your photos, but gets the right to use your photos to promote you when you use #yesholmpr. 

  • You hereby declare that Holm PR has all rights to your photos with the hastag #yesholmpr, and on all persons on your photos have agreed that Holm PR can share it. Therefore, it does not infringe on any third party rights when Holm PR makes use of your photos. Moreover, it does not violate the law. 

  • You release Holm PR for any obligation to pay you for the above use of your photos. 

  • Holm PR will always ask for the right to share images and therefore offers to use our tag #yesholmpr. 

We look forward creating a community of creativity, inspiration and good experiences. 

This SoMe Policy has been modified on 01.05-2019

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