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Fashion Week 2021

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Hats & knitwear anno 2021!

Knit is for everyone, young and old, women and men ! The start of the Corona pandami in March last year, many people started thinking differently and finding new ones hobbies ahead.

Knitting was very popular in the 80´s and again it has become fashionable to find knitting needles. At the moment there is a large wave of DIY projects is flourishing around Danish homes.

There is a community, especially on the social media around where knitting helps to see you get something produced physically and not just up in our own bed.

The knit has made its big comeback for Fashion Week 2021 and this is seen in many fashion houses around the world. To name a few like Gucci and Stella McCartney.

IMAGES: Stella Mccartney knitwear /

IMAGES: Gucci knitwear /


The Elephant hat & hats in general

One of the most interesting fashionable thing is the so-called elephant hat of which we have spottet on ELLE MAGAZINE - well we can say that hats are having a moment and it´s a fun piece of clothing !


The elefant hat is also called in more original language Balaclava.

GUCCI has made several collections with knitwear and has among other things fired it off with the so-called balaclava and back in 2018 their models were wearing several kinds on the catwalk.

Time has passed and in 2020/2021 has now passed and become mainstream making it interesting to throw oneself into in knitting projects.

Something else that has come galloping into the fashion scene is the knit vest. In the past, the knit vest belonged older men with a pair of foot-shaped shoes. It´s surely a thing from the past and now it´s really taken off the fashion market.

The large international fashion houses are with great success inspiration for us Danes to find knitting needles and knitting patterns forward.


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