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VOGUE - Launching The Future Fashion

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Jogging clothes are comfortable, but also cool for the office: Jogging clothes are not just nice to move around in, and something you are dressed on the couch on the weekends. It has really made its big comeback again, and it happened during the corona pandemic, among other things. Now it has become a must-have in our wardrobe.

But why has it become popular to wear casual sweatpants and a hoodie at work?

First, we love to combine the more street and casual look, along with the finer and classic. We like to wear a pair of sweatpants at work with accompanying classic boots. It is comfortable to work in and at the same time it looks relaxed but nice.

VOGUE they have just launched a new collection, which they themselves mention The Future Fashion. It originated in 2020 during the corona and it has come to stay. It should be comfortable and it should be from top to toe. Right from tracksuits, hoodies and sweatpants.


Go happy shopping and SHOP the collection and read more about the entire article here on VOGUE.COM


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