Written by Nanna Linddal Hansen march 2021



Photographer Benjamin Tarp shoot for VOGUE Magazine Italia <333



​Benjamin Tarp is an sees a fragile intimacy in human connections. His photography lives in the nuances of infinite nature and the simplest, humble emotions. The marriage between the familiar and the eternal has a ceremonial core, with loving reference to the portrait paintings of ages past.

Written by Nanna Linddal Hansen march 2021



Styling by Maria Angelova for Danish ELLE Magazine with amazing Helena Christensen 


Maria Angelova is a professional Stylist and Influencer located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

​She ha s a reach as an influencer with 29,1t followers.

Written by Nanna Linddal Hansen march 2021


COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK - Baum und Pferdgarten

Fashion Week 2021 has just ended. This year in a very different edition than we are used to seeing on the catwalk, due to the corona pandemic. Various shows have been turned upside down and creative thinking was needed, as a physical show with hundreds of audiences this year was not relevant.


For the first time ever, Fashion Week was held 100% digitally. It was completely new for all brands to have to think the digital way but nonetheless, it still became beautiful, different and special. There also had to be creative thinking in how the collections were to be presented this year. Whether it was a commercial, product show, play or something completely different. It also helped to leave completely new insights into what fashion is and what fashion will be in 2021.


For Baum und Pferdgarten, the fashion week was also different. For almost a year, they, like everyone else, have had to navigate a society with corona. It has provided inspiration for this year's Fashion Week, where there has been a focus on society and even sustainability. The show, which ran off the stack at the beginning of February, was entitled "The Lockdown Show" this year, which suits this whole situation we currently live in.


Everything takes place digitally. For the upcoming AW21 collection, the inspiration has been different than usual. This year, they have been looking for a lot of local inspiration rather than traveling out into the world as they usually do. Among other things, one of their collections is inspired by Fanø's people costumes, called "Coastal Communities" and with inspiration from Jutland's west coast.

Shop Baum und Pferdgarten here:

Written by Nanna Linddal Hansen march 2021


VOGUE T - Shirts, Hoodies & Pullover

Jogging clothes are comfortable, but also cool for the office: Jogging clothes are not just nice to move around in, and something you are dressed on the couch on the weekends. It has really made its big comeback again, and it happened during the corona pandemic, among other things. Now it has become a must-have in our wardrobe.


But why has it become popular to wear casual sweatpants and a hoodie at work?


First, we love to combine the more street and casual look, along with the finer and classic. We like to wear a pair of sweatpants at work with accompanying classic boots. It is comfortable to work in and at the same time it looks relaxed but nice.


Among other things on VOGUE, they have just launched a new collection, which they themselves mention The Future Fashion. It originated in 2020, during the corona and it has come to stay. It should be comfortable and it should be from top to toe. Right from tracksuits, hoodies and sweatpants.


This year the suit has been hit and I wonder if it will be, some time yet?


Shop and read more about the entire article on VOGUE here:

Written by Nanna Linddal Hansen march 2021


CERISE - Let´s celebrate life...

With great pride, we welcome another new client at Holm PR. The colorful, beautiful and festive universe CERISE.


CERISE is started by the two young ladies, Pernille and Anna. The overall theme of CERISE is party decorations. They are capable of delivering everything from unique and personal party decorations. They are involved in the process all the way if a customer wants advice and sparring. Right from first idea generation to coordination and planning. They are your creative brain behind, any festive event for all life stories, such as christenings, weddings, student parties, baby shows etc.


We are happy to share your story and to show it to the press and on our social media. We look forward to creating a unique and productive collaboration with CERISE. Read more about our new customer at www.bycerise.dk and find the very inspiring themes here. 

Shop CERISE balloons here:

Written by CHRISTINA HOLM march 2021


HOLM PR - Meet our artists

Holm PR network lives and breathes for fashion, interior design, photoshoots, locations and creativity. We immerse ourselves completely in each project we take on in order to come up with a total package for you as a client.


BOOK your next artist through Holm PR and we will find you the right team with our amazing artists. From fashion enthusiasts to interior lovers, clients come to us in search of something special.  


We are proud to be a well-renowned agency that connects people from all over the world, and thankful for the opportunities to have worked with such amazing artists since we first opened our doors in January 2011.

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